The Collaboration

Beloved Afro-Trinidadian and Japanese singer Thelma Aoyama lends her cheerful outlook to some of Bally's most coveted pieces.

Bally chose Aoyama whose brand is equally popular in Japan for her positive outlook on life and love to compliment Bally's finely crafted goods. Read the journal article on to learn more about this unique collaboration.

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The Collection

Singer Thelma Aoyama gives a selection of Bally's most sought after-goods across shoes, leather goods and ready to wear such as the Suzy belt bag and Vita Parcours sneakers a playful spin with her colourful stylings that reflect her outgoing and friendly persona.

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Bally's popular backpack gets the Thelma
touch with a colourful message of love.

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A house classic the Vita Parcours is giving the colourful and quirky stylings of Thelma Aoyama.

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Bally Cafe now open
at Ginza Flagship store

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